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Jalan Ciranjang No. 26B
Kebayoran Baru
DKI Jakarta, 12810


0813-11206663 - Bobby
0811-1997704 - Tantra
0821-20010207 - Faddy
0812-9500-7670 - Gratia Kezia

Hello my name is . I'm from . You can reach me on my phone at or via email at . I represent , learn about us online at . If I were to describe what we do, I'd say: . If I could sum up the main objectives of this project, I'd say: . I'd like to begin on and launch on

Our Story

In the days of the Digital Renaissance, our story began when our founders decided to make a collective agreement after personal independence had emerged in each individual.

  1. 2013

    After several years working in the world of creative agency, a talented graphic designer, Faddy decided to become a freelancer offering services ranging from branding, graphic design to illustration.

  2. 2014

    Not much different, a digital enthusiast who also has experienced in the digital agency world, Bobby started his solo career by creating a small digital studio based in Jakarta.

  3. 2015

    Faddy & Bobby met for the first time and had the opportunity to work on a website development project. Since then, the two young creativepreneurs have often collaborated to work on projects together.

  4. 2016

    Knowing his potential in the field of graphic design and his profession as a freelancer, a Faddy friend who is also a business enthusiast, Faratodi invites him to create a creative studio together. At the same time, Bobby with a friend who is also a business strategist, Rama is having a lot of discussion about business potential. Back to the main story, based on the experience of collaboration they have ever done, Faddy invites Bobby to join to realize his plan with Faratodi.

    But they are still looking for potential partners to run the plan. Faddy also invited a friend during high school, Tantra, who is also known to plan to stop working as a producer and want to start his own business.

    Faratodi, Faddy, Bobby and Tantra agreed to start business together. At that time, they worked on a project consisting of design, branding, and platform development together. This is their initial project as a team.

    SUKA Studio was born as a dream form of its founders to build a creative studio in Jakarta, which collaborate design and technology as the main service.

    After several months as a business consultant for the team, Rama decided to join SUKA Studio. From that time on, the founders have been fully integrated into a whole team that we now know.